unconventional solutions

We manufacture the industry’s premium solutions for unconventional well applications, including pumpdown, toe and stage perforating operations. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, and incorporating the highest standards in safety and reliable execution, our completion systems outperform any other option in unconventional well perforating. DynaEnergetics delivers the leading solutions that minimize risks, lower total cost of operations and support the drive to maximum well completion efficiency.

pumpdown perforating

Many horizontal wells in unconventional plays are cased and cemented, then completed in multiple stages using the plug and perforate (PnP) method. After the first stage or toe is perforated using tractor, TCP or coiled tubing, a string comprised of a frac plug and several sets of perforating guns is conveyed on electric wireline into the horizontal well.Because gravity will not carry the string through the horizontal section, it must be pumped down to the desired depth. The plug is set, the perforating guns are pulled back and then are fired selectively at designated intervals across the stage.   After perforating, the string is pulled from the well and the stage is stimulated. The PnP process is repeated until all stages have been treated. Then the frac plugs are drilled out, and the well is brought onto production.  The DynaSelect integrated switch-detonator solution, DynaStage gun system, Multitronic surface firing panel and the proprietary Surface Tester all contribute to much safer and more efficient pumpdown perforating operations.

toe perforating

Lateral toe stages of horizontal shale wells are often perforated with gun systems deployed by coiled tubing, stick pipe or wireline tractors to position the perforating guns. Using TCP or coiled tubing conveyance can be more efficient and cost effective than a tractor. The gun string is made up of multiple guns, lowered into the well, pushed to the deepest perforating interval and initiated. The string is then pulled to the next perforating interval and initiated automatically using time delays and the DynaEnergetics Booster Transfer Module (BTM).

stage perforating 

Vertical and directional wells may target multiple zones, and horizontal wells in unconventional shales are typically completed in numerous stages. In these situations, selective perforating systems like DynaEnergetics’ DynaSelect system can simultaneously set a bridge plug and deploy several gun systems for safe and efficient stage perforating.  Stage perforating, which can involve loading many guns and requires rigorous maintenance on gun carriers, presents challenges for wireline service companies.  The DynaStage system is preloaded by DynaEnergetics certified technicians and offers a fully disposable, maintenance-free alternative for selective stage perforating. DynaStage system features guns that can be customized to operator specifications (charge, gun length, shot density, phase, etc.) and the system targets a 100X improvement in reducing misruns, mishaps, misfires.
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