pipe recovery & well abandonment

DynaEnergetics manufactures and supplies systems optimized for pipe recovery, squeeze jobs and plug & abandonment.  Our unique shaped charge designs, predictive models, rigorous test protocols and quality control ensure the job is done right the first time.

pipe recovery

Explosives have many applications outside of perforating. In pipe recovery, explosives are sometimes used in backoff operations and casing cutting tasks. For some wells engineers consider explosive techniques to be more effective than chemical cutters, and explosive techniques may be more economical than mechanical cutters. The DynaEnergetics equipment for pipe recovery and abandonment is designed specifically to the properties of the completion. Our DynaBlade™ Jet Cutters create a highly predictable cut and are available in a range of sizes for coiled tubing, drill pipe, production tubing, packer mandrels and casing. We also offer linear charges, big hole through tubing puncher chargers, junk shots and a variety of auxiliary backoff equipment.

squeeze jobs and plug & abandon applications

Wells may be safely abandoned and bad cement jobs may be salvaged with built-for-purpose explosive charges that punch slots in the casing through which cement slurry is squeezed to fill voids in the cement sheath. For both well abandonment and squeeze job applications, it is essential that the formation and the wellbore are completely isolated so no communication can occur. The DynaSlot™ system uses an array of 18 rectangular charges to attain full 360-degree coverage over casing/cement and cement/formation boundaries. Regaining a well’s hydraulic integrity through this technique is very cost-effective because more costly and time consuming section milling and slot cutting using abrasives can be avoided.  DynaBlade™ Jet Cutters are often used to cut and fish valuable tubulars and equipment prior to the plug and abandonment operation.
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