conventional solutions

DynaEnergetics offers a suite of leading perforating solutions that optimize performance and boost productivity in conventional oil and gas well completions. Our systems and components are trusted by E&P companies and wireline operators worldwide for efficiently meeting a range of perforating needs in conventional well applications including overbalanced and underbalanced perforating, limited entry and sand control.

underbalanced or overbalance?

Considerable research has been done on understanding the effect of hydrostatic pressure at the point of perforation and immediately after. Early work suggested that perforating with underbalance pressure ensured the formation fluid would surge out of the perforations immediately after shooting and sweep any debris out of the tunnelletting into the wellbore. This technique is believed to remove perforation damage from the impact of the shaped charge jet on the formation. By removing debris and perforation damage, well productivity should be enhanced because perforating skin isreduced. Today dynamic underbalance perforating jobs are designed to optimize performance and to minimize shock based on reservoir properties, completion hardware and perforating equipment options.
When the hydrostatic pressure in the casing or liner exceeds reservoir pressure, the overbalance during perforation is thought to force fluid into the formation. The goal is to create a slight fracturing of the reservoir to get clear of the damaged zone following the perforation.  
The choice between overbalance and underbalance depends on stimulation, production or injection requirements and other factors. Sometimes a producer or injector is shot underbalanced and later it is shot overbalanced. In either scenario DynaEnergetics offers a full range of gun systems, shaped charges, detonating cord, initiators and accessories. The patent-pending No Debris Gun System or the use of DPEX energetic liner shaped charges are advanced technologies designed to overcome perforation debris and formation damage.

limited entry

Originally used to perforate thinly-laminated pay zones in conventional wells and wells undergoing acid stimulation, limited entry guns can include several short guns run in tandem or long carriers with blank sections. Recently, the shale-drilling business called for high-shot-density perforation clusters to be shot precisely where formation stresses indicate the most likely place from which hydraulic fractures will propagate. As many as 20 short high-shot-density guns and a bridge plug can be deployed in tandem to set the plug and then to selectively perforate each stress concentration for maximum fracture coverage and subsequent reservoir contact. Individually-addressable and intrinsically safe detonators armed and initiated by unique digital codes, the DynaSelect system is highly effective and efficient for limited entry applications. Deep penetrating shaped charges with DPEX energetic liner technology are recommended for many limited entryperforating applications.

sand control

For sand control applications oil and gas operators need perforating systems that can deliver big holes at high shot densities. Especially in deep water, sand management experts have agreed the best sand management solution is prevention. Accordingly, wells are perforated with Big Hole charges engineered to create large diameter entry holes to facilitate a subsequent frac-pack or gravel-pack completions. Alternatively, oriented guns loaded with deep penetrating (DP) charges are run and shot into the maximum stress direction of the formation to prevent or delay formation failure and subsequent sand production due to higher drawdown pressures. DynaEnergetics designs manufacture, and qualifies all of the charges, detonating cord, guns, and accessories needed for all types of completions. DynaEnergetics shaped charges have penetrated 19% deeper than the next-best competitor’s product. We offer a complete line of economy, standard and premium charges for the routine to extreme operating conditions. We understand the trade-offs between charge performance and cost and can advise which charge will have the greatest chance to optimize performance.
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