booster transfer module

In a horizontal completion, the toe of a well cannot be perforated using wireline unless the gun string is combined with a costly tractor. Using TCP or coil tubing conveyance can be an efficient and cost effective alternative. A perforating gun string made up of multiple guns is assembled and lowered into the well bore. The gun string is then pulled to the first perforating interval and initiated, then to the second, and so on.

The DynaEnergetics™ Booster Transfer Module (BTM) together with the DynaEnergetics™ Time Delay Sub and Pyrotechnic Time Delay allows the operator to safely and reliably detonate several perforating assemblies in sequence. The BTM is used to perforate multiple zones in a single trip into the wellbore using only the ballistic output of one gun to initiate the time delay of the next gun module.


  • Unique ballistic transfer design
  • No separate firing head or firing pin needed
  • No moving parts
  • Pressure tight after initiation to 1,000bar (14,000PSI)
  • Needs ballistic event to function
  • Cannot be initiated by hydrostatic or wellbore pressure
  • Small footprint/short make up length
  • State of the art hardware for fast and easy assembly with low maintenance
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