Dynaslot gun system

The DynaSlot gun system presents a highly compelling alternative to traditional plug and abandonment and conventional cement squeeze operations, as well as costly section milling procedures. By perforating a helical pattern of horizontal rectangular slots in the casing, 360° access to the area behind the tubing or casing is guaranteed.

The slots penetrate into the formation, covering all voids between casing and cement, and between cement and formation. The DynaSlot gun charge provides a far superior starting point to a cement squeeze as compared to conventional big-hole squeeze guns. Oil and gas companies adopting the DynaSlot system will reduce workover costs, as they will avoid having to re-perforate a second or third time because the first attempt was not successful. As a single-gun system, DynaSlot is also substantially less time consuming compared to other 360° access methods such as section milling and slot cutting with abrasives.

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