puncher shaped charges

DynaEnergetics™ provides several solutions for casing and tubing punch operations. Puncher charges are designed to generate holes in the casing or tubing to establish pressure equalization or circulation between the annulus and the tubing.

Puncher charges are also referred to as circulation charges and are selected for a specific tubing/casing thickness. Puncher charges are designed to minimize outer casing damage and loss of integrity.

The newest member to the puncher charge family is the slotted charge puncher which achieves a bigger cross-sectional flow area compared to conventional puncher charges. 


  • Temperature rating up to 205°C (400°F)/1 hour

  • Pressure rating up to 1,720 bar (25,000 psi)

  • Shaped charges individually sealed to protect against humidity migration

  • All charges are packaged 1.4D for hassle-free air transport

puncher shaped charges

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