The innovative DynaSlot™ system is designed specifically for plug and abandonment cement squeeze operations. Well abandonment (P&A) involves complicated procedures where the wellbore must be shut in and permanently sealed. It is essential that the layers of sedimentary rock, in particular freshwater aquifers, are pressure isolated. Unwanted vertical channels or voids in a previously cemented wellbore annulus may exist. These channels can produce migration pathways for fluids or gas, resulting in:

  • Channels in the cemented annulus
  • Migration of fluids or gas
  • Leakage risks
  • Cross flow and Cross-contamination
  • Environmental issues

The DynaSlot™ shaped charges perforate a horizontal rectangular slot in the casing. The DynaSlot™ system achieves a definite overlap from slot to slot. The overlap provides a complete 360-degree access to the area behind the tubing or casing. DynaSlot™ penetrates into the formation covering voids between casing and cement as well as between cement and formation.

This hollow carrier perforating gun system employs a unique scallop design which provides sufficient surface area for the perforation slot without sacrificing burr height protrusion, system performance or mechanical integrity. As an alternative application, the DynaSlot™ may be used to achieve bigger cross sectional flow areas than comparative charges.

Dynaslot system

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