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Gun O.D.

2-3/4” (EHD 0.26” – 0.36”)
3-1/8” (EHD 0.25” – 0.55”)
3-1/2” (EHD 0.40” – 0.70”)





Shot Density

3 SPF (2-6 shots)
4 SPF (2-8 shots)
6 SPF (1-12 shots)



FracTune™ (Uniform Hole Size)
HaloFrac™ (Optimized for Shale)
DPEX™ (Energetic Liner)
LoneStar™ (Extreme Reservoir Contact)

Product Features

Standard/Helical Plug and Perf System

DS Infinity™ features a helical charge pattern, and is customizable for charge type, size, quantity and phasing, providing a nearly infinite range of design options. The wireless Plug and Go™ arming process simplifies perforating string assembly and eliminates wiring related issues.

Enabled by IS2™ TF technology

Immune to stray voltage, stray current and RF interference, which enables simultaneous wellsite operations during perforating. Integrates addressable switch, detonator and solid-state microelectronics.

Quality, Efficiency and Reliability

Length and weight optimized design enables easy assembly. Fully disposable and maintenance-free solution eliminates reclamation and redress process.

Shot Density and Phasing Configurations

DS systems offer standard industry shot density and phasing configurations, allowing each system to be customized for any rock type or formation.

Formation Tuned Shaped Charges

Designed specifically for today’s complex unconventional wells. A wide range of options that deliver uniform entry holes regardless of position within the well casing.

Compatibility with Product Suite

Designed to work simply and seamlessly, the DS Liberator™ release tool enables reliable downhole disengagement and the DS MicroSet™ setting tool is fully disposable with the power charge pre-installed.

Dyna App

E-Commerce Solutions

Our digital app features a comprehensive suite of configuration and purchasing tools. Use the platform to access our full product portfolio, then tailor perforating systems to meet your specific needs.

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