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DynaEnergetics gives you unparalleled flexibility when designing unconventional wells. We’ve developed the industry’s broadest array of packaging models and charge configurations, allowing each system to be customized for any rock type or formation. DS perforating systems are also the lightest and most compact on the market, meaning more clusters per stage and more stages per day.
DS Family Perforating Systems

“The simplicity of assembling and testing DS systems enabled our wireline provider to cut its crew size in half.”
– Senior Completions Engineer, International E&P company

DS Infinity™

Application: Standard helical perforating

Standard helical charge pattern, customizable for charge type, size, quantity and phasing.

DS Trinity™

Application: Radial-Plane Perforating

Single-plane, 3-charge or dual-plane, 6-charge compact system.

DS Gravity

DS Gravity™

Application: Oriented In-Plane Perforating 

Self-orienting system that enables precision perforating at zero-degrees, 180-degrees or both.

DS LoneStar™

Application: Oriented And Standard Perforating

In-plane, single-shot system equipped with a variety of LoneStar formation-tuned charges.

DS Gravity

DS Echo™

Application: Re-Frac

Designed to run inside the secondary casing of existing wells in re-frac applications.


DS NLine™

Application: Oriented, In-Plane Perforating 

An oriented system that enables pin-point alignment of all charges and perforating modules in a full string.

DS Gravity
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Why DynaEnergetics

Headquarted in Troisdorf, Germany, DynaEnergetics offers a worldwide network of production facilities, sales and distribution centers. We are committed to continuous research and development to ensure our customers benefit from the latest breakthroughs in perforating technology. Contact a DynaEnergetics sales representative to learn more about our unique solutions.

Shaped Charge Production Line

Performance Matters

Production at one of our automated shaped charge manufacturing lines in Blum, TX. Designed, tested and manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities to deliver certainty and consistency in perforating performance.

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