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DS Gun Family

Excellence runs in the family.

Why DynaEnergetics?

The evolution of perforating.

New World

introducing A new world

DynaStage is a new era single-source perforating system that
simplifies your entire supply chain, and reduces logistical headaches.

“The simplicity of assembling and testing DS systems enabled our wireline provider to cut its crew size in half.”
– Senior Completions Engineer, International E&P company

Performance matters.


Shaped Charges

DynaEnergetics' broad family of performance shaped charges are enabling continuous advancements in hydraulic-fracturing efficiency and performance.


Initiating Technology

IS2™ Intrinsically Safe™ initiating systems are the technological core of all DS perforating systems and deliver unparalleled safety and reliability.


Perforating Systems

The expanding family of DS perforating systems has unleashed new possibilities in unconventional well designs and ultra-efficient plug-and-perf completions.

Setting and release tools.