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Proven solutions for sealing end-of-life oil and gas wells.
Plug and Abandonment Systems


The customizable DynaSlot perforating systems incorporate unique slotted charges configured in a helical, overlapping pattern. This versatile P&A tool can be used for cement squeeze operations, to cut control lines on the outside of the tubing or to open ultra-large areas open to flow when used as circulation punchers.
DynaSlot perforating systems incorporate unique slotted charges configured in a helical, overlapping pattern. The systems ensure the entire circumference of a well’s inner casing string is penetrated, and all voids, channels and microannuli in the surrounding cement are intersected.
The DynaSlot system significantly improves the performance of cement squeeze operations when compared to conventional perforating products, which often require multiple perforating and squeeze attempts separated by lengthy wait times for leak testing.
DynaSlot is also substantially less time consuming than other 360° access methods such as section milling and slot cutting with abrasives. The one-and-done DynaSlot system also can significantly reduce rig-time and plugging costs, improve cement placement and eliminate concerns over future leaking.

Product Features

Control Line Cutting

DynaSlot is also as an effective tool for cutting control lines on the outside of the casing or tubing, that may create potential leak paths when abandoning wells.

Circulating Puncher

DynaSlot can also be used as a circulating puncher, providing ultra-high AOF (area open to flow) to establish circulation through tubing.


DynaSlot is not only substantially less time consuming than other methods such as section milling or slot cutting with abrasives, but it also avoids the production of additional hazardous and potentially toxic waste that results from the above mentioned P&A techniques.

Puncher Gun Systems

Puncher Gun Systems

DynaEnergetics provides several solutions for casing and tubing punch operations. Designed to generate holes in the casing or tubing to establish pressure equalization or circulation between the annulus and the tubing while minimizing outer casing damage and loss of integrity. DynaEnergetics is offering both Hollow Carrier Puncher Gun Systems and Exposed Puncher Gun Systems.


DynaBlade tubular jet cutters can cleanly cut coiled tubing, casing, drill pipe, packer mandrels, and production tubing to make fishing, well intervention and plug and abandon (P&A) jobs safer and more efficient. Available in more than 70 different sizes and initiated with DynaEnergetics IS2™ Intrinsically Safe™ Initiating System.
DynaBlade Jet Cutters
Circulation Gun

Circulation Gun Systems

High shot density guns that offer excellent area open to flow when used together with DynaEnergetics’ specially engineered shaped charges for P&A operations. Designed to facilitate a uniform cement placement, they are available in a large assortment of lengths and sizes and can be conveyed on wireline, TCP and coil tubing.

Setting Tools and Bridge Plugs

A reliable line of industry standard setting tools and bridge plugs for wireline applications.
Plug & Abandonment Setting tool
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