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Igneo Mining System


Intrinsically Safe™ Initiating System for High-Temperature Mining Applications

Designed for high temperature mining applications, the Igneo initiating system is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 150°C (302°F). The system features the IS2 intrinsically safe technology that significantly improves safety and reliability. 

HTD 150 Detonator

HTD 150 Detonator

The core of the Igneo system is the HTD 150, a high temperature resistant detonator with user programmable time delay. The copper shell features an anti-corrosion coating making it suitable for high reactive ground conditions.

Booster Charge

Used in conjunction with the HTD 150 detonator, the Booster Charge allows the initiation of safe and reliable blast holes without the need for sensitized booster emulsions. Attaches to the detonator with Booster Housing Kit to form a compact package that can be quickly lowered in the blast holes. 
Booster Charge
Firing Panel

Digital Firing Panel

The Igneo Digital Firing Panel features an intuitive user interface and allows the operator to safely test and reliably initiate up to 1000 detonators simultaneously, connected to the panel's five firing channels. 

Programming and Testing Device

Safely and securely test up to 50 HTD 150 mining detonators directly on the device. Each detonator can be individually tested while still connected to the harness, giving the operator peace of mind that each detonator is correctly programmed and wired. 
Programming And Testing Device
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