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DynaEnergetics’ high performance shaped charges cover the widest range of applications and downhole conditions. Through design optimization and certified testing, we continually strive to develop better shaped charges. Our unrelenting dedication to research, testing and design innovation, enables you to achieve maximum success.
Echo Frac Shaped Charges

EchoFrac™ Charges

EchoFrac shaped charges are designed for multi-casing re-frac applications. They deliver uniform entry hole diameter (EHD) and enough perforating punch to penetrate two layers of casing without damaging the cement in between.

LoneStar™ Charges

LoneStar shaped charges deliver extreme reservoir contact and ultra-uniform entry holes. Ensure increased formation contact and industry-leading cluster efficiency.
LoneStar Shaped Charges
Shaped Charge FracTune

FracTune™ Charges

FracTune engineered jet delivers uniform entry-hole diameters, independent of position in casing. These charges provide low variation of flow and pressure across the perforations and enable uniform proppant placement.

HaloFrac™ Charges

HaloFrac shaped charges provide a web of tunnel-tip fractures leading to reduced perforation friction. HaloFrac delivers uniform proppant placement to create ideal perforations.
Halo Frac Shaped Charges

DPEX™ Charges

DPEX energetic liner shaped charges generate an extreme pressure spike inside the perforating tunnel. Perforating tip fracture and wider perforation tunnel lead to easier and controlled formation break down.

DynaSlot™ Charges

DynaSlot shaped charges perforate a unique horizontal rectangular slot in the casing to provide access to the area behind the casing or tubing. Combined with DynaSlot hardware, the system is the solution of choice for cement squeeze operations, circulation or for severing control lines.
DynaSlot Shaped Charges
DP3 Charges

Deep Penetrating Charges

Our deep penetrating (DP) shaped charges are available in three generations. The latest generation (DP3) achieving record perforating depths during the API 19B Section 1 evaluations.

Big Hole Charges

Big Hole (BH) shaped charges create large diameter perforations, making them the solution of choice for gravel pack completions, soft sandstones and hard permeable sandstones where an increased flow area is needed.
Big Hole Charge
Good Hole Charges

Good Hole Charges

Our Good Hole (GH) shaped charges offer solid penetration and increased casing hole diameter over comparable weight deep penetrating charges.

Puncher Charges

Puncher charges are designed to generate holes in the casing or tubing without outer casing damage and loss of integrity.
Puncher Charge
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