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DynaEnergetics supplies a comprehensive range of pipe recovery equipment to fit the widest spectrum of completion designs and downhole conditions.  The pipe recovery equipment from DynaEnergetics is designed for optimal function and wellsite efficiency.
Puncher Gun Systems

Puncher Gun Systems

DynaEnergetics provides several solutions for casing and tubing punch operations. Designed to generate holes in the casing or tubing to establish pressure equalization or circulation between the annulus and the tubing while minimizing outer casing damage and loss of integrity. DynaEnergetics is offering both Hollow Carrier Puncher Gun Systems and Exposed Puncher Gun Systems.


DynaBlade tubular jet cutters can cleanly cut coiled tubing, casing, drill pipe, packer mandrels, and production tubing to make fishing, well intervention and plug and abandon (P&A) jobs safer and more efficient. Available in more than 70 different sizes and initiated with DynaEnergetics IS2 Intrinsically Safe Initiating System.
DynaBlade Jet Cutters
Pipe Recovery

Drill Collar Severing Tools

The Drill Collar Severing Tools are designed to sever drill collars, drill pipe and heavy weight drill pipe in a reliable, time effective and safe manner. The tool’s explosive load is simultaneously initiated from both ends, creating two shock waves that collide in the middle creating the severing effect.

Backoff Systems

During pipe recovery operations, the backoff is used in the attempt to recover as much of the string as possible, by detonating an explosive load inside a threaded connection while applying reverse torque to unscrew it. DynaEnergetics offers a comprehensive range of pressure and temperature resistant detonators and detonating cords as well as the hardware needed to perform a backoff operation.
Pipe Recovery

Junk Shot

The Junk Shot Hardware Kit is offered in 3.5 inch outer diameter and is designed to eliminate obstructions in oil and gas wells.
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