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Conventional Guns

Conventional Gun Systems

Hollow Carrier Gun, Exposed Gun and Fragmenting Gun Systems available in a wide variety of configurations.

All explosive components of DynaEnergetics Perforating Systems are engineered and manufactured in-house, resulting in the best possible perforating performance. Available in a wide range of configurations, from Hollow Carrier Gun Systems to Fragmenting Gun Systems, there is always a DynaEnergetics solution available for each well design and completion layout.
Hollow Carrier Guns

Hollow Carrier Gun System

A reliable design that is easy to assemble and available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, shot densities, phasings and shaped charge types.

Product Features


Compatible with all types of well conveyance methods

Manufactured entirely in-house to the highest quality standards


Designed as a complete system for optimal safety, quality, efficiency, and reliability

Available in industry standard sizes ranging from 40mm to 178mm (1-9/16in to 7in)

Lengths stretching from 1m to 6m (3ft to 20ft)


Deep Penetrating, Good Hole and Big Hole shaped charge options available

Maximum temperature rating of 260°C (500°F)

Strip Gun System

Strip Gun Systems

Designed for through-tubing perforating on wireline. Available in both single-phased and tri-phased versions. Upon firing, the charge cases break into small pieces which drop to the bottom of the well. The strips, as well as the firing head are retrieved back to surface. 

Link Gun Systems

A non-retrievable, single use gun system, for through-tubing wireline perforating. The systems’ components break into small pieces and drop to the bottom of the well after firing.
Exposed Gun Link
Fragmenting Gun

Fragmenting Gun Systems

A non-retrievable high performance, single use gun system whose components fragment into small pieces during the detonation. After firing of the gun, the debris drops to the bottom of the wellbore. The system can be conveyed on TCP, coiled tubing and wireline and is engineered for absolute reliability to minimize operational risks, deliver higher performance and to achieve lower total cost of operations.


Subs, accessories, handling equipment, consumables and hand tools, in-housed designed and tested for DynaEnergetics hollow carrier and exposed gun systems.
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