DynaEnergetics Introduces PYXtreme™ Product Line

Houston, Texas - July 2, 2018 - DynaEnergetics today introduced PYXtreme™, an ultra-high-temperature ballistic train that includes an advanced percussion Initiator, bi-directional booster and detonating cord.  The product is engineered and qualified for temperature applications of up to 300°C (572 °F) for one hour, and detonating velocities of up to 6,100 meters per second. 

DynaEnergetics Product Line Manager Thilo Scharf said, “The ultra-long exposures and very high temperatures enabled by the PYXtreme will provide customers with significant performance improvements in their most challenging TCP applications."

About DynaEnergetics
DynaEnergetics’ innovative perforating systems make a measurable impact on well productivity, completion cost and safety. As the only global perforating manufacturer that designs, manufactures and qualifies all of its equipment and accessories in-house, DynaEnergetics ensures unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations. 





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