significantly safer

significantly safer

We take seriously the responsibility to protect people and operations from dangers that could cause an unintentional surface detonation of a perforating gun. That’s why DynaEnergetics products incorporate the highest possible levels in perforating safety that technology can deliver and have been recognized by service and oil and gas companies worldwide as the safest in the industry. Our tools and systems go well beyond the industry’s minimum safety requirements and provide protection from not only RF signals but from all other energy sources that could present a hazard.

Target Zero Incidents

DynaEnergetics engages all employees, customers and suppliers to be proactive to ensure no harm comes to people or the environment. We target zero incidents in our work processes, equipment and technology. The prevention of accidents in the use of explosive materials is a result of careful planning and observance of the best known practices. Users must remember that explosives create a powerful force and that various devices and methods have been developed to assist in safely and responsibly directing this force. If this force is misdirected then fatalities, injuries and property damage may result.

WARNING: All explosive materials are dangerous and must be handled and used with care either by or under the direction of competent, experienced persons. All commercial explosive materials are designed to detonate when supplied with a sufficient amount of initiating energy. Unfortunately, the explosive material cannot differentiate between initiating energy purposely supplied and that accidentally supplied.


Perforating equipment must be stored properly and loaded in designated shop areas in accordance with applicable local regulations. Many DynaEnergetics oilfield products are available in optional 1.4 S hazard class, non-mass detonating packaging specially designed to facilitate offshore operations and transport in commercial passenger airplanes. The DynaEnergetics 1.4 S detonating cord package contains a convenient 152m (500 ft) length detonating cord. These packages can be stored in the explosive magazines of the rig without re-spooling. All high end HMX and HNS detonating cords are 100% x-rayed as part of our standard quality control procedure.


DynaEnergetics has designed packaging to allow explosive products to be safely transported by vehicle, passenger airplane or helicopter to wireline bases or rig sites.We provide logistics support to remove the hassle of customs formalities and permit procedures. DynaEnergetics has also been improving the quality and footprint of its distribution services with the aim of reducing the expense and effort its customers have in conducting perforating operations.


Explosives should be disposed by shipping them to an approved disposal agency. Packaging, marking and transportation must be in accordance with local regulations. Explosive materials or packaging materials should not be left where unauthorized persons or livestock can get them. Never allow packaging materials to be burned in a confined space or to be reused. In some areas the DynaStage service includes disposal of spent perforating equipment.
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