more reliable

more reliable

Lost time resulting from technical errors including misfires, mishaps and misruns can cost millions to a multiwall field development program. With the stakes this high, E&P companies and wireline operators alike need perforating equipment and technologies that are not only built for the toughest conditions, but are also dependable and predictable. DynaEnergetics manufactures the most reliable perforating products available, protecting completions from potential risks that could become million dollar mistakes.

target zero misruns, mishaps, misfires

Well completions take a considerable amount of time so perforating needs to be as efficient as possible. DynaEnergetics technology has evolved over the years to today’s designs that target zero misruns, mishaps and misfires. Our customers have told us that DynaSelect technology has given them record-breaking reliability. Thanks to the input of customers the latest generation DynaStage technology aims to achieve an order of magnitude higher reliability than any competing system.

quality assurance

DynaEnergetics products meet the highest quality standards for safe, reliable and efficient deployment for wireline, tubing-conveyed or coiled tubing operations in conventional and unconventional wells. An example of our stringent quality control is our process to X-ray 100% of our detonators to ensure ballistic and electronic functionality.

We are the only supplier that designs, manufactures and qualifies all of our equipment and accessories in-house to ensure unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations.

Our innovative products are used by the world’s largest service companies and the smallest regional providers to optimize performance for majors, independents and national oil companies worldwide.

constant improvement

New customers benefit from the learnings we’ve developed from the many thousands of perforating runs made with DynaEnergetics equipment in all oil and gas provinces worldwide. Our experience and expertise are grounded in 150 years of highly specialized explosive applications in mining, seismic exploration and oil and gas exploration and production. Today our Research & Development team in Troisdorf, Germany continuously improves perforating technology to give our customers cutting edge technology with real competitive advantages. All of our customer-facing team members are dedicated to continuously improving our safety, service and technical performance.

We encourage and reward staff ideas and initiatives and aim for a climate of effective communication and objective criticism.
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