higher efficiency

higher efficiency

Our tools incorporate intelligent designs that reduce operational complexity and minimize the chance of mistakes that can lead to costly lost time. With a perforating process that runs like clockwork, your operations can be leaner and more predictable, contributing to increased productivity. We engineer perforating technologies with the highest efficiencies to optimize well site operations and lower your total cost of operations.

gun loading

Perforating gun loading requires experience, skill and specialized workshop fixtures. Prior to each job, the perforating system is designed to match the type of charge, shot phasing and shot density with the well’s casing and formation characteristics. Explosive products and gun carriers need to be stored properly. Trained technicians carefully load the shaped charges into the charge tubes, attaching the detonating cord and inserting the loaded charge tubes into the hollow carrier gun bodies.  Extreme care must be taken to follow assembly procedures to assure reliable performance and safety.  The DynaStage gun system is designed to simplify gun loading and improve safety of perforating operations. 

rig up

Final assembly and rig up of the perforating string is an important step in assuring safe operations and reliable perforation performance. Wireline service company personnel need to be well trained in handling explosive materials, rig up and surface testing. The wireline must be kink-free and the surface and downhole equipment must be maintained and made up correctly. Some perforating gun initiators are susceptible to premature detonation caused by radio frequency signals, stray voltage, stray current or static electricity that may occur at a busy wellsite so certain activities may be delayed while guns are prepared.  DynaEnergetics’ electronic detonator portfolio and the DynaSelect integrated switch-detonator eliminate the risk of an inadvertent initiation by use of a digital control system. No gun can detonate until it receives a specific coded signal. Thanks to the intrinsically safe Surface Tester and DynaSelect technology, the perforating string can easily be tested prior to picking up the string. It can be tested on the catwalk, in the lubricator before or after pressuring up, and anytime while run inhole.

run in hole

Proper run-in-hole and firing procedures contribute to reliable and efficient perforating. Wireline pressure control equipment, including lubricators and associated equipment, need to have adequate pressure ratings to match conditions in the well.  Wireline service company personnel need to understand the well’s trajectory and casing program and the characteristics of the fluids in the well. Recommended wireline running speeds, flow rates for pumpdown applications, and planned depths for perforations need to be documented and adhered to. DynaEnergetics detonators are stray current, induced current and stray voltage safe, not just RF safe. Standard detonators are only safe up to stray currents of 200 mA. In our system each detonator has a microprocessor that must receive specific digital codes to initiate. Unlike other standard and RF safe detonators, an unintended energy source may damage the electronics of the detonator, but it will never result in a costly or catastrophic unintentional initiation of the detonator. In tens of thousands of operations the technology has proven to be so safe and reliable that all oilfield operations can be performed while perforating.  The most advanced technology, the DynaSelect system provides the highest assurance that guns will not detonate prematurely and plugs do not preset during run-in. The Multitronic firing panel enables testing all components of the string at any point in time while in the well and ensures precise automated control and monitoring of the perforating sequence.

rig down

After the perforating run, wireline service company personnel need to follow proper procedures to control well pressure, to treat the string as if it still contained live explosives and to lay down tools safely without damaging equipment. The Multitronic firing panel gives positive shot indication of all initiators to assure that no explosives are retrieved to surface and the DynaStage systems improve efficiency during system rig-down because there is no debris and the gun string is easy to check to verify there are no unexploded charges.

Recovery and recycling

With a DynaStage system the hassle and expense of recovery and recycling of perforating gun strings are eliminated. In areas that offer this service, DynaEnergetics staff can pick up the spent perforating guns for safe and environmentally-sound disposal.
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