Better Perforating


DynaEnergetic’s perforating tools set the industry standard in performance and control. In the manufacturing of our innovations, we target designs that are robust, efficient and capable of delivering the highest degree of perforating accuracy. We continually strive to develop better perforating systems based on an unrelenting dedication to research, testing and design innovation—enabling for you to achieve maximum success at the lowest possible cost.


Over the years DynaEnergetics has introduced numerous breakthrough innovations in detonators, switches, charges, gun systems, and surface panels and testing equipment. Today we have the three most common shaped charge sizes with the world’s deepest penetration, our DynaSelect integrated switch-detonators have established unmatched records in reliability and efficiency, and we are helping wireline service companies and their oil/gas company customers to revolutionize shale well completions with the DynaStage gun system. Every innovation we deliver aims at providing our customers with technology that delivers the highest well productivity with the lowest total cost of operations and risk. Our DynaSlot technology introduces a rectangular perforation to the industry to significantly reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of squeeze jobs and well abandonment operations.


We perform tests in our API RP 19B Section 4 Perforation Flow Laboratory to qualify our charge performance and to validate new design concepts. Our research and oilfield product development projects are often optimized for specific formations. New and existing shaped charges are tested in a controlled laboratory vessel which is set-up to simulate pressurized downhole conditions. The documentation and analysis of the results are critical steps in the development of high performance shaped charges. Our flow lab team works independently to plan, carry out and document ballistic test programs to improve shaped charge designs for production enhancement in oil and gas wells. In addition to shaped charge product development, we provide technical support to oil and gas companies who fund research to improve perforating performance in challenging reservoirs.


“Shoot outs” are conducted at the using targets or in the flow lab under downhole conditions to compare DynaEnergetics charge performance to commercially available charges from major oilfield service companies and independent perforating manufacturers. As the only perforating supplier in the world who designs, qualifies and manufactures all our equipment in-house, we aim to surpass the performance of all other providers in terms of hole quality and size, penetration, placement and orientation.
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