Culture and Values

  • we believe technical expertise is the backbone of quality and safety

    Our knowledge of perforating systems is unrivaled. We invest in people and processes that advance our practice through critical thinking, testing and validation. We intimately understand well requirements and apply engineering expertise to optimize productivity.

  • we practice innovation with purpose

    We continually push the boundaries of product development to design solutions that reduce time and costs while increasing safety, reliability and performance. We have a track record of being first to market with pivotal technologies and are committed to innovating the industry through both evolutionary and revolutionary products.

  • Agility in workflow and design facilitates optimal efficiencies

    We are nimble both in product development and customer service. Our in-house research, development and manufacturing capabilities allow us to respond quickly to ever-changing market requirements. Our sales teams help our customers succeed through responsive and agile service protocols.

  • We embrace creativity to advance our field

    We apply new ways of thinking to solve specific technical challenges in well completion. Our systems employ unique and patented components that are designed with purpose to advance well productivity. Our ingenuity fuels a robust product line fit for a wide range of extreme applications.

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