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The highly intuitive panel and software allow the operator to safely test, monitor and reliably initiate a single electronic detonator / igniter or up to 20 DynaSelect or DynaStage guns and set one bridge plug on a single wireline run.
Infinity Firing Panel

Infinity Firing Panel

Designed for use with the DynaEnergetics electronic detonators / igniters as well as DynaSelect and DynaStage plug and perf solutions.
Increased Efficiency

The highly intuitive interface allows single shot or select-fire operation along with fast switch testing and instant initiation when you need it.

Flexibility and customization

Operating systems available in multiple languages with the option to run as a standalone accessory or combined with a PC in software mode.

Increased Reliability

The IS2 Firing Panel has a dual wireline drum output, which enables the operator to switch from one drum to another without having to re-connect the panel.

Infinity Surface Tester

Specifically designed for a safe and secure surface test of a fully assembled gun string giving you peace of mind before proceeding to run in hole.
Infinity Surface Tester
Safety and Reliability

Confirms all wiring and grounding, ensuring optimal downhole performance.

Prevent Lost Time

Safely check the entire gun string on surface and detect any possible fault early enough to prevent lost time.

Automated Testing

Automatically checks the number of attached detonators or switches verifying correct wiring and grounding.

IS2 Single Shot Panel

Infinity Single Shot Panel

The IS2 Single Shot firing panel has been specifically de-signed to initiate DynaEnergetics RF-Safe, stray current and stray voltage safe electronic detonators and igniters.
Automated Testing

Automatically detects the attached electronic detonator or electronic igniter wiring for correct polarity.


Designed to optimize field operations, the single shot panel is portable, battery powered and compatible with shooting GR correlation tools.

Safety and Reliability

Full verification of wiring and grounding plus a firing circuit check of the electronic detonator or igniter can be performed using minimal current (<1mA) for safety.

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