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DS MicrosSet and DS Liberator

Setting and Release Tools

DS MicroSet and DS Liberator are extensions of the DynaStage family of Factory-Assembled, Performance-Assured perforating systems and deliver full integration of the perforating string for a consistent level of safety, efficiency and reliability.

The same innovation and performance built into DS perforating systems are also available in DynaEnergetics’ Setting and Release Tools, which are designed to work together simply and seamlessly.

DS MicroSet™

Compact, lightweight and fully disposable Setting Tool delivered with the power charge pre-installed, eliminating the need for explosive handling at the wellsite.


DS Liberator_Transparent

DS Liberator™

Compact Ballistic Release Tool that enables simple downhole disengagement from a perforating string. Armed in seconds with the IS2 TF initiating system.


Optimized design for safety, quality, efficiency, and reliability

Factory-Assembled, Performance-Assured

The industry’s most compact ballistic release tool

Reusable, low maintenance, easy redress, cost effective

Fully disposable after 120 runs, or after activation

Fully compatible with all DS systems

Enabled by IS2 TF technology

Intrinsically Safe

Fully API RP67 compliant

Plug and Go optimized

No need for additional ballistic components

Release with up to 2,000 lbs over pull

Release with up to 15,000 psi hydrostatic

No release on hydrostatic pressure alone

No need for additional ballistic components

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