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Hollow Carrier

Hollow Carrier Gun Systems

DynaEnergetics™ expendable Hollow Carrier Gun Systems are designed to run on wireline, TCP or coiled tubing. All explosive parts designed by DynaEnergetics™ are optimized for the best possible perforation performance. Adaptable to all initiation systems, DynaEnergetics Hollow Carrier Gun Systems have no restriction on the total system length that can be run in one descent and offer minimum gun swell after firing.


All of the DynaEnergetics Hollow Carrier Gun Systems are manufactured entirely in-house, to the highest quality standards.

Efficiency and Reliability

Designed as complete systems, they are offering unmatched compatibility between the hardware and the ballistic components, translating into maximum efficiency and safety with high levels of product and service quality.

Boundless Configurations

Available in industry standard sizes ranging from 40mm to 178mm (1-9/16in to 7in) and lengths stretching from 1m to 6m (3ft to 20ft).

Shaped Charge Options

An extensive portfolio of API RP 19b certified shaped charges such as Deep Penetrating, Good Hole and Big Hole is available and covers the widest range of applications and downhole conditions.

Conveyance Methods

DynaEnergetics Hollow Carrier Gun Systems are compatible with all types of conveyance methods, in all well conditions, natural completions, stimulated completions or sand control completions.

Extreme Reservoir Conditions

DynaEnergetics Hollow Carrier Gun Systems have a maximum temperature rating of 260°C (500°F) and when used in conjunction with our HNS shaped charges, HNS ballistic transfer components and HNS initiating technologies they become the solution of choice for high temperature wells.

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