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Exposed Gun Systems

Exposed Gun Systems

Designed to convey the largest possible explosive loads in wells without removing the existing production tubing, DynaEnergetics Exposed Gun Systems include not only the industry established Strip and Link Gun Systems, but also the revolutionary Fragmenting Gun System. Developed initially for offshore applications, the Fragmenting Gun System is also the solution of choice in key onshore applications where tubing restrictions are limiting the charge explosive load to values that may be inadequate for good perforation penetration depth.
Strip Gun System

Strip Gun Systems

An easy to assemble and reliable gun system designed for through tubing perforating. Upon firing, the charge cases break into small pieces which drop to the bottom of the well. The strips, as well as the firing head are retrieved back to surface. The system is designed for wireline conveyance and is available in both single phased and tri-phased versions.

Link Gun Systems

A non-retrievable high performance, single use gun system, for through tubing perforating whose components fragment into small pieces and drop to the bottom of the well after firing. The system is designed for wireline conveyance.
Exposed Gun Link
Fragmenting Gun

Fragmenting Gun Systems

A non-retrievable single use gun system, whose components fragment into small pieces or shards during the detonation. After firing of the gun, the debris drops to the bottom of the wellbore. The system can be conveyed on TCP, coiled tubing and wireline. The system is engineered for absolute reliability. to minimize operational risks, deliver higher performance and to achieve lower total cost of operations.
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